The Raubs on the Road

January 28, 2009

Just Starting Out

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It was a busy weekend, and already this week I’ve had my plate full. Johanna’s third grade school books arrived today, so I will be teaching her out of a different book tomorrow.

Most especially in the news, Stephen bought his first car! It is a 94 Mazda something-or-other. I don’t know much about it (obviously), but I do know it has power everything and is blue. I also know he paid cash for it, which will be a big help to him to not have payments since he is just starting out. I am hoping that he can begin saving toward a better car, so that “down the road” (get it? Thassa joke!) he can get a better car, paying cash. It’s a principle taught by Dave Ramsey in his Financial Peace seminars, and I think it’s a good one.

I would like all you readers out there to pray for me, as I embark on several writing projects. I have two of them I am working on right now, with another one in the works, but of course, none are too terribly far off the ground. I will keep posting to the blog as time allows, but I may be sporadic at times, since I am also devoting myself to these writing projects, homeschooling, and military ministry.

Please pray that the Lord would give me much wisdom, clarity of thought, and the ability to adequately describe the thoughts and feelings of my characters in such a way as to point the reader to the importance of doing God’s Will.

Thank you!


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