The Raubs on the Road

May 1, 2009


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We are planning on leaving for our next ministry trip on May 9th, after a week of tent meetings and the church picnic. We’re planning on taking the bus to the church on the 8th, so that means we need to be in the bus by the 7th, since we’ll need to wrap up some last minute things here at home to prepare for being gone for 6 months or so.

It is coming up so fast! I have TONS of things to do, as I’m sure you can imagine. I should be making lists, lists, and more lists, if I can only get them started. Today I spent some time cleaning the bus, which I will do for the rest of the week. Next week we move in, hopefully piece by piece, and pull out the end of the week.

So, if you don’t hear from me until sometime after the 12th or so, you’ll know why!

*Please pray for us for the tent meetings, the strength to prepare for the trip, and for our first stop in stop in San Angelo on the 10th! Thanks*


January 29, 2008

Prayer requested

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Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, taking my Beloved to the eye doctor and Johanna to the dentist. Both appointments are in Temple, about an hour or so drive from here.

My husband was diagnosed with low-pressure glaucoma about 3 years ago, but we have been off and on the road and unable to do anything about it until now. He has been having some problems with his vision, so if you could please pray for wisdom for the doctor, it would sure be a blessing to me!

Also, this is Johanna’s first dental appointment, and she has two abcesses in her teeth. Ouch! Pray that everything goes smoothly and that she doesn’t get too fearful.

Thank you all so much!!

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