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February 11, 2009

What “Giving My Life to Christ” Means to Me

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When I gave my life to the Lord, I took Him as my Master, and I became a servant. As a servant of the Master, I relinquished all my rights to have things my way, and committed myself to doing things His Way.

That means several things. First, it means that I will always have something meaningful to do. I will always have a work for the Lord to do that will have eternal results. My life here on this earth is not meaningless; it is full of purpose, for I am a servant to the King! He gives me something to do that will benefit myself and others around me, perhaps even an entire generation. Truly, working for God is a big thing.

Second, being His servant means that He will provide my needs. Just like an earthly master would give his servants jobs to do and meet their needs, my heavenly Master will meet my needs as well. The benefits of being a servant are things like good co-workers, good work environment, a “retirement plan” that’s out of this world, and health benefits. As I serve Him, I don’t have time, nor can I afford to have bitterness and its corresponding health problems.

There are some things I need to understand, however. Being a servant means that I have relinquished all rights to have things my way. I live in the home of God’s choosing, which right now happens to be a motor home. I live in the place of God’s choosing. My needs are provided as He wills, not necessarily as I will. My meals may not be steak and potatoes, but if He provides beans and rice, that is good for me, for I am His servant.

I realize that I relinquish the right to be treated the way I think I deserve. That means that, as a servant, I don’t have special privileges.

I also further realize that anything the Master sends my way is for my benefit and edification, even the trials and testing. Health problems, setbacks, financial straights, and breakdowns are all part of His plan. I am His servant, He can do with me what He Will and mold me into a better servant for Him as He sees fit.

Many times God uses offenders as agents of His Will, who, like sandpaper, rub off my rough edges. These people are those who I don’t understand, who I can’t seem to get along with, and who rub me the wrong way. God sends them to me for that express purpose, not that I would get mad at them and bitter, but that I would see them as His messenger to teach me some very valuable lessons of life.

I don’t have to worry when I get treated poorly, for I am a servant, and who treats servants like kings? My Master, however, blesses me abundantly. The richness of His love are poured out to me through His treasures of mercy. I am blessed beyond all measure! I have the best of His Plan for me, and I know I can enjoy His smile, which is brighter than the sunshine in my heart. Many times I feel like He loves me like I way His only child!

Why? Because I am His servant. I am His, and He is mine.


January 22, 2009

The Great Excuses Contest!

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Well, it’s back to the grindstone for The Princess-turned Queen. My Beloved is back to his normal routine of studying, Bible Study on Post, and work in the evenings, and I am back to being teacher-chef-laundress-manager, etc. To some, it may seem a boring life, but to me, it’s never a dull moment!

Lately I’ve been thinking about a Bible lesson that maybe I will teach sometime, but probably not. In either case, I will share it with you!

We all have excuses for not doing what we know we are supposed to do, and I suppose Christians can be the most creative when it comes to excuses. Why, we could almost have an Excuses Contest, and see who has the best (or worst) excuse!

As a missionary’s wife, I’ve heard things like, “We can’t support you because we already support someone else going to that field,” or, “We can’t support you because you’re not on the field yet.” Here’s my all-time favorite: “We dropped your support because you are ON the field!” How’s that for pulling the rug out from under your feet?

Anyway, excuses can easily become a way of life. “I can’t..” is easier to say than to whole heartedly serve the Lord. “I’m just not….(fill in the blank: strong enough, smart enough, good-looking enough, organized enough, patient enough, etc.)” keeps us from giving of ourselves for God. And sometimes an “I won’t…” can push the Lord away if He wants us to do something for Him. Well, here’s the lesson in a nutshell:

“I CAN’T” didn’t work for Sarah. God can and God DID! She thought she was too old to have childrenv(and she WAS!) but God is able to do mighty things when we are willing to trust Him and step out in faith. And God can do the same for you!

“I’M NOT” didn’t work for Moses. Moses said, “I’m not eloquent, send someone else.” But God is able to make the dumb speak and the blind to see! God used Moses despite his lack (or was it because of his lack?? And God gets the glory!).

But the first prize of the Excuses Contest would have to be Jonah! Fortunately for the millions in Nineveh,

“I WON’T” didn’t work for Jonah. God simply wouldn’t take NO for an answer! Personally, I believe God saw the great need at Nineveh, and loved the people so much, that He made sure the job got done. I don’t think, though, that Jonah really enjoyed his watery ride. For me, I’d rather learn from someone else’s mistakes than go around making my own all over again!

Many of us know exactly what God wants us to do or to be, but we struggle with our own insufficiencies. Rest assured that God always gives the strength and power to do His Will. And if we do the natural, God will do the supernatural.

Let’s step forward, trusting in God’s promises, and rely on Him to help us! Let’s have a No More Excuses Contest!

October 23, 2008

Why I wrote…

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I apologise again for the sporadic nature of my posts.  My internet is off and on, mostly off.  I can only get on late at night, and I’m usually tired!  With prayer, hopefully we will get a handle on this soon.


This most recent story called Journey to Happiness, which I have dedicated to a young lady in my church, is my feeble attempt to show young people how wonderful it is to serve God.


I truly believe that if people could see, could REALLY see, the effect that their choices in life have on their future, they would always, always, ALWAYS choose God’s Will, noxious as it may seem when they first confront it.


When I was nineteen, I was just out of my freshman year of secular college.  Having my brain filled with all sorts of humanism and mud didn’t help my growth in the Lord, but I was still faithful to all church services,  During the summer I took a course in a local Bible Institute called “Woman’s Role in the Home, Church, and Community,” taught by a very wise older teacher named Mrs. Keener.


Mrs. Keener taught us ladies lots of interesting things, unfortunately most of which I don’t remember.  But I very vividly remember her telling us, “Happiness does not come from looking for it.  Happiness comes from doing right.”  In my mind, I argued with her.  I mean, how could this woman say such a thing!  Everybody’s looking for happiness.  How could she say that that’s not the way to find it?


I kept her words in the back of my mind, and decided to use my life as a trial.  Through the years, I kept my nose in the book, seeking God’s Will.  Many trials, temptations, distractions, and painful situations came my way, but through it all, He remained faithful to His Word to strengthen me as I trusted in Him.


Just recently I found myself looking at the many blessings God has given me.  I simply couldn’t name them all, but I am very very blessed.  Many times I feel that He loves me like I was His only child.


I am blessed, and I am very happy.  I haven’t spent my life looking for happiness, but it found me instead!  Serving God with all we have always ALWAYS is best!

June 24, 2008

The Two Obvious Facors

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Yikes!  I had no idea it has been two weeks since I last wrote!  My sincere apologies for not posting sooner!  I had the stuff already written, but with preparing for a two month trip, the guys being home, internet troubles, a cantankerous computer and a middle-aged brain, I lost all presence of mind.  Hopefully, it will not be so long until the next post!  🙂

When questioned about developing musical abilities, most people think of the two most obvious factors: genetics and talent.  Though genetics and talent are important, I hope and pray that by the time we are done with this series, you will realize that these are not the deciding factors in whether or not you use your talents for God. 

Genetics plays a large part in whether or not someone can sing at all.  At least one of us comes from a long line of folks that sang either professionally or performed in some capacity or other, though I did not discover that until just recently.  The fact that we went ahead and began to sing without any previous regard to genetics shows that it isn’t as important as the next obvious factor, talent.

Talent, the ability to pick out notes and match them with your voice, is a nice thing to have.  It’s what makes singing fun and not all work.  Nathan, a young man in my home church, couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket for years.  But through singing lessons, he was able to take his tiny little bit of talent and develop it.  Though he had very little going for him genetically, he had the two important hidden factors, and now he has a wonderful voice.

Next: The Two Most Important, Yet Most Hidden Facors

We are madly scrambling to prepare for a two-month trip beginning Friday, so if I don’t post until next week, you’ll know why!

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