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February 11, 2009

What “Giving My Life to Christ” Means to Me

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When I gave my life to the Lord, I took Him as my Master, and I became a servant. As a servant of the Master, I relinquished all my rights to have things my way, and committed myself to doing things His Way.

That means several things. First, it means that I will always have something meaningful to do. I will always have a work for the Lord to do that will have eternal results. My life here on this earth is not meaningless; it is full of purpose, for I am a servant to the King! He gives me something to do that will benefit myself and others around me, perhaps even an entire generation. Truly, working for God is a big thing.

Second, being His servant means that He will provide my needs. Just like an earthly master would give his servants jobs to do and meet their needs, my heavenly Master will meet my needs as well. The benefits of being a servant are things like good co-workers, good work environment, a “retirement plan” that’s out of this world, and health benefits. As I serve Him, I don’t have time, nor can I afford to have bitterness and its corresponding health problems.

There are some things I need to understand, however. Being a servant means that I have relinquished all rights to have things my way. I live in the home of God’s choosing, which right now happens to be a motor home. I live in the place of God’s choosing. My needs are provided as He wills, not necessarily as I will. My meals may not be steak and potatoes, but if He provides beans and rice, that is good for me, for I am His servant.

I realize that I relinquish the right to be treated the way I think I deserve. That means that, as a servant, I don’t have special privileges.

I also further realize that anything the Master sends my way is for my benefit and edification, even the trials and testing. Health problems, setbacks, financial straights, and breakdowns are all part of His plan. I am His servant, He can do with me what He Will and mold me into a better servant for Him as He sees fit.

Many times God uses offenders as agents of His Will, who, like sandpaper, rub off my rough edges. These people are those who I don’t understand, who I can’t seem to get along with, and who rub me the wrong way. God sends them to me for that express purpose, not that I would get mad at them and bitter, but that I would see them as His messenger to teach me some very valuable lessons of life.

I don’t have to worry when I get treated poorly, for I am a servant, and who treats servants like kings? My Master, however, blesses me abundantly. The richness of His love are poured out to me through His treasures of mercy. I am blessed beyond all measure! I have the best of His Plan for me, and I know I can enjoy His smile, which is brighter than the sunshine in my heart. Many times I feel like He loves me like I way His only child!

Why? Because I am His servant. I am His, and He is mine.


February 12, 2008

Increasing Your Spiritual Strength

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Awhile back, I wrote about Crossing the Gap; the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing what we are supposed to do. I hoped that starting an exercise and “planned eating” routine would help me lose a bit of “baby fat.” The Lord has blessed my efforts, and I’ve lost some weight, around 7 pounds, and gained a lot of flexibility. While feeling more energetic on a daily basis, I’ve also not been plagued with incessant neck and back pain and headaches which I so frequently used to get. Thank You, Lord!

It’s interesting to note the parallels between the physical and the spiritual. I have found that, as I become more active, I actually have more energy, rather than lose it. There is not a certain reserve of energy I have that becomes depleted more rapidly as I exert myself; rather, my body becomes accustomed to being pushed so that the regular tasks of the day are not so challenging. I can actually chase the kids around without becoming winded!

Here are some ways we can increase our spiritual strength:

Just Do It!

Spiritually speaking, if we spend our time floating through life, reacting to situations as they occur and merely doing the bare minimum for the Lord, we will always be “tired.” We may experience discouragement, disillusionment, irritation, and lack of purpose. We may read our Bibles and go to church, but we are not actively trying to expand our horizons, trying to help others and trying to speak to the lost about Jesus. Being a floater makes us stagnant, and we know what happens in stagnant ponds!! J

On the other hand, if we become proactive for the Lord, looking for ways to be a blessing, stretching our limits of shyness, and seeking to win folks for Christ, we find ourselves growing. We have a purpose for our lives. We become grateful, joyful, and energetic! But not always right away…

Prepare for Soreness

I was asked to speak at a Ladies’ Fellowship, which I did the other night. I was prepared, but I felt unprepared. I knew what I was to speak on, but I felt inadequate for the message. To make matters worse, I misplaced the first page of my notes!! I felt like a bumbling rambling bozo head, but I gave it my very best shot. I tried to maintain eye contact, give the points, and speak what the Lord had given me the best way I knew how.

When I got home, I was really in the dumps. I felt I had “bombed” the lesson completely. I moped around for awhile, and then tried to solace myself in a book. Finally, I spent time before the Lord in prayer before I went to bed. Eventually, God used His Word and time to bring comfort to my heart.

It wasn’t until sometime Sunday that I heard from some of the ladies that the Lord really spoke to the hearts through the lesson. I suppose the Lord used me in spite of myself!

Let God Rebuild You

Exercising often results in soreness, but it’s during the rest times that our body has a chance to rebuild itself. When you give it your all, don’t be surprised if you are “sore” for a few days. That’s the way to build spiritual strength. Take those times of “soreness” and spend time with the Lord in His Word and prayer. Allow Him to use the energy expense to rebuild you the way He wants you to be!

So, go ahead, get some exercise! Just do it, expect some opposition and soreness, and let God strengthen you spiritually. You may find yourself being greatly used of God in ways you never before dreamed were possible before!

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